A FEY MATTER – Gaslamp Fantasy Series

With a treaty to bring peace to the Scottish fey hanging in the balance, Effie of Glen Coe must finally claim her place as the heart of the Seily Court, if she is to defeat the dark madness of the Barrow Witch.

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In BARROW WITCH, the stakes are steeper, the danger more dreadful, and Effie is more exciting than ever. Comer concludes his trilogy with flourishing aplomb… It’s quite the accomplishment for each book in a series to improve, but with BARROW WITCH we reach the ultimate high of fey steampunk fantasy that the series has always delivered.
     – Ahimsa Kerp, author of Empire of the Undead

Effie of Glen Coe has become a living legend, the half-fey woman who saved Scotland from devastation. But with heinous cults and unruly mobs all around, Effie must become something more than herself lest everything fall into ruin.

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Comer weaves a riveting tale of intrigue, magic, and romance in a steampunk-flavored Scotland packed with evil creatures, scheming politicians, and vicious bigots. But the real highlight of OAK SEER is its heroine. Effie of Glen Coe is one feisty freedom fighter!
     – Wendy N. Wagner, Hugo Award Winner & author of An Oath of Dogs

A fantastic sequel, OAK SEER plunges you willingly into the fey underworld of Victorian Scotland.
     – Garrett Calcaterra, author of Dreamwielder

When Sir Walter Conrad discovers a new energy source, one that could topple nations and revolutionize society, the race to dominate its ownership begins. But the excavation and use of this energy source will have dire consequences for both humans and fey. For an ancient enemy stirs, awakened by Sir Walter’s discovery.

Half-fey Effie of Glen Coe finds herself embroiled in the conflict, investigating the eldritch evil spreading throughout the Highlands. As she struggles against the greed of mighty lords and to escape the clutches of the queen’s minions, she realizes the only thing that can save them all is a truce no one wants.

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Well-developed characters and plot make this historical fantasy a true pleasure to read and become lost in… A very unique and fascinating story. I definitely can’t wait for this series to continue!
     – Cecily Wolfe, author of Throne of Grace

EFFIE OF GLEN COE – A Fey Matter Short Story
An orphaned fey fights to survive and thwart the crown’s ruthless hunters. Set years before the events of THE LAIRD OF DUNCAIRN, read the first encounter of Effie of Glen Coe and the fey hunter, Edmund Glover.

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This is a fantastic steampunk story that hints at a much larger world of fantasy & magic where all the Queen’s men are bent on rooting out the last of the fey-a personal favorite of mine.
     – Jonathan Jacobs, Editor in Chief of Nevermet Press