Three novellas linked by a common field of battle…

THE ROADS TO BALDAIRN MOTTE is a mosaic fantasy novel composed of three long tales interspersed with short scenes and historical documents. Events are sometimes told out of sequence, or are told multiple times from different vantage points. Characters central to some stories, completely disappear from others.

This is done with the intent of providing a broader understanding of what befell at the ruins of Baldairn Motte. It is left to you, the reader, to determine the heroes and the villains, if any truly exist.

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“I was drawn into the world of Baldairn Motte at once by the rich prose and the promise of high adventure, but it was the characters and the fast moving story that held me literary hostage. I hope there’s a sequel!”
– James P. Blaylock

“Whores become heroes, farmers become freedom fighters and healers strike down the unjust against the backdrop of a land in turmoil. The authors have created a rich world that leaps off the page…”
– Misty Massey

“The prose is crisp, and the characters fleshed out as real people, not archetypes. The book had an epic feel….”
– Rogue Blades Entertainment

Plunged into a war of succession, the captain of the Black Wind is forced into the service of the powerful Earl of Gaulang. Ensnared in a tangle of bargains and betrayal, the captain and his crew fight for survival, finding allies in the unlikeliest of places.

To the north, the commander of the Titan Guard, the elite fighting force of Lord North, travels to the edge of civilization to enlist the help of barbarian giants known as the Marchers. But such aid comes at a cost, and the price of victory may spell doom for all.

From simple crofts, farms, and villages come the ranks of the engaging armies. A crofter hunts for his missing sons at the peril of his life and honor, while a miller follows his lord to battle, eager to rattle spears against enemy shields. Hungry and exhausted, both men will find they are but dander upon the wind in the great game of the Passions.

And struggle as they might, all roads will lead them to the ruins at Baldairn Motte.