My new mystery novel, A DAGGER AMONG FRIENDS, is now available in print and eBook! Click here to grab your copy!

For fans of Hallmark Mysteries, Agatha Raisin, and Stephanie Plum, A DAGGER AMONG FRIENDS is an amateur sleuth mystery novel where the entire town concocts wild theories and tramples the evidence all to find out Whodunit.

Charlie Goode is struggling to reset her life. After a split from her longtime partner, she’s returned home to the Pacific Northwest town of Harvest Falls. Drifting between jobs at her cousin’s board game shop and the police station, she avoids commitment like the plague.

When her one-time BFF is murdered, Charlie looks to her father, the chief of police, for justice. But to Charlie’s shock and dismay, not everyone trusts her father’s abilities, or his integrity, and Harvest Falls soon devolves into a frenzy of half-baked theories and armchair detecting.

Determined to protect her father’s reputation, Charlie finds herself battling wits with the bumbling sleuths, joining the hunt for her friend’s killer. But with librarians, florists, and bakers tromping through crime scenes, hurling accusations, and fudging the law, she’ll have to act fast before the killer’s dagger pricks another friend.

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The A DAGGER AMONG FRIENDS eBook is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Click here to have a copy delivered to your reading device August 8th.

For fans of Hallmark Mysteries, Agatha Raisin, and Stephanie Plum, A DAGGER AMONG FRIENDS is an amateur sleuth mystery novel where the entire town concocts wild theories and tramples the evidence all to find out Whodunit.

The plot is a humorous and loving take on mystery tropes:

“I solved it!” They beamed, gasping and thrusting out their chest.

“Running blindly into the killer’s grasp is called being a victim.”

The main character, Charlie Goode, is in her 40s and has recently split from her long-time boyfriend. Starting over in her small hometown of Harvest Falls, she spends time playing board games with her cousin Case, and working for her father, the chief of police.

Board games and 80s movie references are littered throughout the book. After all, every sleuth needs a hobby!

“You need a hobby.” He beamed. “That’s an actual thing. All sleuths have hobbies—baking, quilting, cat herding. It helps with the process.”

I thought for a moment before perking up. “I play board games,” I said. “But I’m not sure how that helps.” I lofted my whiskey, stared at my playing cards: a cattle ranch and the cooperage I’d built beside it. “Seems like a distraction.”

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Here it is: the cover for A DAGGER AMONG FRIENDS, the first in my new mystery series set in the Pacific Northwest!

When murder comes to Harvest Falls, amateur sleuths abound. But the killer’s game pits friend against friend, and everyone’s in danger of a final turn.

I’m working on some final edits and getting ready for another fun summer of book events. More details to come!

Rose City Comic-Con, Fairs, and SummerFest!

As summer rolls along, here are some events where I’ll be meeting new readers. They’re all first-time events for me, and I’m excited to be a part of them!

The Portalist – Fey Books List

Looking for more fey-based (or fae or fairy) books? The Portalist has you covered with its newly released list of 10 fantasy series featuring lovable (and often times irascible) fey… and not only did they include THE LAIRD OF DUNCAIRN on the list, but they used its cover as the banner image! All credit to City Owl Press for its great series artwork!

Click here to read the list and discover more books.

What do you think of the list? Any favorites missing?

The Scar Came from Destiny

For fantasy fans looking for something completely different: a unicorn, a dragon, a zebra, and a winged cat walk into a tavern… and there the adventure starts! The heroes of Josh Boucher’s new short story collection are nothing if not unique. Read more about them below, and check out Josh’s new boxed collection here!

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Sifting Out Sparks

In a desperate search for his sister, a kiffen child named Fools Gold finds himself back against a cliff, cornered by fierce warriors who speak a strange tongue. One of them spares his life and welcomes him to their home: a gladiators’ paradise, the remote, ice-encrusted fortress of the Strait of Vharkhana.

Die with Honor

On the run from a life of slavery, the fireborn pegasus Purity Sweet is on the hunt for new breath. Her muscles burn on the fateful day that the Vharkhanan cities she fled to all this time threaten her execution. That which follows will either define or kill her, and she no longer cares which will come to pass.

Bolted to Dreams

The Vharkhanan revolution is not over. Although it changed lives, now it will give breath to life where there is none at all, as a pegasus warrior teams up with a soulless on a daring quest. The goal: the machine’s sentience. Captures, revelations, and a battle like no other await the duo before the cliffs of Vharkhana echo with the new name of the soulless bestowed upon her: Brokkhild.

Of Flaming Contrition

Life has never been easy for the earthborn blacksmith Ilrapnir. From day one, she has faced one trial, one tragedy after another. The deepest loss to ever scar her strikes on a should-be warm summer afternoon. So the firestone has whispered her whole life, and nothing she can do will stop it. The following days will determine whether she is strong enough to serve the cliffside fortress of the Strait of Vharkhana as their blacksmith.

Mythical Creatures Book Fair

I had a great time meeting new readers at the Marion County Fair last weekend! Looking forward to a few other events this summer; more details to come!

Happy also that Thralls of the Fairie was a hit! Check it out on Amazon if you haven’t already: eleven tales of Sword & Sorcery and Heroic Adventure.

And as July flies by, I’m happy to share some additional collections of fantasy novels for your perusal. Click on the image to explore the collection.