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Tombs, Tomes, and Sages

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, mostly because I’ve been updating my old website and posting on Realm Tramper. But it was time to consolidate, so I’ve moved this blog to my main craigcomer.com address (retiring the old site) and am looking to trail-off the Realm Tramper blog, or at least throttle back for a while.

On the writing front, my short story, “The Tomb of Jorem’bel”, was accepted by Bards & Sages Quarterly and will appear in their January 2016 issue! My story, “The Dream Thief of Kuthahaar”, appeared in the October 2012 issue and subsequently in the collected anthology Bardic Tales & Sage Advice Volume V. (Check it out here on Amazon.)

You might also want to check out the Bards and Sages Great Tomes anthology series that just kicked off. It promises relics, horrors, and a myriad of wondrous places within its volumes!

Ahimsa Kerp Interview

I’ve posted an interview I did with Ahimsa Kerp, one of my co-authors from The Roads to Baldairn Motte, over on Realm Tramper. In addition to fiction writing, Ahimsa has written for numerous travel zines and has traveled to more countries in the past 24 months than many people get to in a lifetime.

You can read the interview here.


The Writing of Craig Comer

Welcome to my new website! Check out some free short stories under the Books & Shorts category, or if you’d like to see works by some other great authors, head on over to the Cool Stuff category.