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The A DAGGER AMONG FRIENDS eBook is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Click here to have a copy delivered to your reading device August 8th.

For fans of Hallmark Mysteries, Agatha Raisin, and Stephanie Plum, A DAGGER AMONG FRIENDS is an amateur sleuth mystery novel where the entire town concocts wild theories and tramples the evidence all to find out Whodunit.

The plot is a humorous and loving take on mystery tropes:

“I solved it!” They beamed, gasping and thrusting out their chest.

“Running blindly into the killer’s grasp is called being a victim.”

The main character, Charlie Goode, is in her 40s and has recently split from her long-time boyfriend. Starting over in her small hometown of Harvest Falls, she spends time playing board games with her cousin Case, and working for her father, the chief of police.

Board games and 80s movie references are littered throughout the book. After all, every sleuth needs a hobby!

“You need a hobby.” He beamed. “That’s an actual thing. All sleuths have hobbies—baking, quilting, cat herding. It helps with the process.”

I thought for a moment before perking up. “I play board games,” I said. “But I’m not sure how that helps.” I lofted my whiskey, stared at my playing cards: a cattle ranch and the cooperage I’d built beside it. “Seems like a distraction.”

Like cozies, board games, and 80s movies? Check out the book and leave a review!

The Portalist – Fey Books List

Looking for more fey-based (or fae or fairy) books? The Portalist has you covered with its newly released list of 10 fantasy series featuring lovable (and often times irascible) fey… and not only did they include THE LAIRD OF DUNCAIRN on the list, but they used its cover as the banner image! All credit to City Owl Press for its great series artwork!

Click here to read the list and discover more books.

What do you think of the list? Any favorites missing?

More Reviews for The Laird of Duncairn

Here are a couple more reviews posted around the inter-web in the past week:

Suspenseful, intriguing and captivating plot with a great prose and a knack for engaging the reader. The book was a one sit read for me. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone. The characters were well developed and deep with an original story.

Read Day and Night Blog

I really enjoyed this book! Great plot, exciting suspense, and the danger of getting caught around every corner! Definitely recommend to anyone considering this book, or any fans of the genre!

Adventures Thru Wonderland

Also, here’s a link to an interview I did with The Qwillery. In it, I talk about plotting, pantsing, and my writing influences.

I Heart Reading Review

From the review of THE LAIRD OF DUNCAIRN by I Heart Reading:

I really enjoyed this book. It’s unique. The setting is historical, but it’s also an alternate world, where we have both humans and fey. Despite that, it reads a lot like an epic fantasy novel, but with some steampunk elements added in that I really enjoy. I also liked the explenation of the fey lore, and how it was all tied up with the steampunk side of the story and fantasy side.

The writing was excellent, and the details the author added in didn’t just make the time period, but the whole world come to life.

Effie is an amazing character. I loved following her journey and seeing her change and grow. The book also has a lot of side characters which is pretty common for fantasy books, but here they all had distinct personalities, and I liked that. They didn’t feel like cardboard figures, but felt like actual people with feelings and emotions.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels, especially if you like reading about the fey and fey lore.

The Reviews Are In!

Well, okay… One review. From a reader with an advanced copy given out by my publisher. I mean, the book’s not even out yet. But hey, it’s my first for THE LAIRD OF DUNCAIRN, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

i love it & can’t wait to read more,”
says Barb Miller on Amazon (5-star review)

Intrigued…? Pre-order your copy today on print or eBook! Or, if you’re savvy, add it to your Goodreads “Want To Read” list.

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Bookwraiths Review: The Roads to Baldairn Motte

BM_Small_newBookwraiths has posted a great review of, The Roads to Baldairn Motte!

Where other series tend to focus on the “power players” of these types of conflicts, here the three authors decided to take a different approach, shining the spotlight on the more common folk in the tale…

Read the full review here: